In terms of your home, having a rock-solid foundation should be one of the most important aspects. Which is why at Yepez Construction, we take concrete very seriously. With decades of experience in our hands and a long trajectory of successfully completed projects, we can assure you each one of our contractors understands that quality concrete work is the backbone of any long-lasting roof.

Concrete Done Right, How It Should Be Done

Whether you are building a commercial space, a brand-new home or working on renovations, our concrete services cover your needs and the specific guidelines of your building, always taking your budget into account. As part of our brand’s mission and goals, it’s essential for us to approach every project with the same level of expertise, quality, and attention to detail it deserves.

Residential Concrete Foundations: When pouring a new slab or fortifying an existing one, we ensure your home’s concrete foundation can support your building’s weight for many years to come. Our concrete is built to last!

Repairs & Maintenance: Concrete may be tough, but it’s not indestructible, which is why when cracks, spalling, or other issues arise, our expert repair team is prepared to jump into action to get your concrete structure back into its ideal condition.

Beyond Foundations

Our concrete skills go beyond the foundation of your home. Allow us to show you the difference a quality concrete driveway or sidewalk will make in the livability and functionality of your home. Consider adding to your outdoor living space with a beautiful, stamped concrete patio, perfectly designed for entertaining friends and family!

What really sets Yepez Construction apart is our commitment to doing things the right way, every time. Our concrete crew has built an impeccable history of successful projects throughout our career, and we take immense pride in our workmanship, using the best quality materials, and staying on top of modern techniques. We’re also big on collaboration and communication! We keep a close eye from the very first stages of our business partnership to the project completion, ensuring your vision becomes a reality.

This attention to detail, quality and customer service is ingrained in everything we do, from new construction to repairs on even the most complex roof systems. This is how we have stayed at the top of our game for 20 years.

Partners You Can Count On

A high-quality concrete foundation installation will allow your new building to really shine. It’s also important for protecting your commercial assets or residential investment. So, when concrete is key, put your trust in the professionals at Yepez Construction.

Our concrete experts will work tirelessly to deliver exceptional results you can build on for decades to come. Reach out today!